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Artist Bio
Yolanda was born and raised in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, with two sisters, a brother and two loving parents. In her youth she often found herself following close to the heels of her father as he worked painting fences, planting in the garden, or fixing a tool or fashioning something out of wood or scrap materials. He was always doing something creative with his hands, making something out of nothing.
Yolanda has been interested in making art for as long as she can remember. She was officially introduced to “casting” by her high-school art teacher who had students press shapes into wet sand and then pour plaster into the negative form. Little did she realize that when she shoved her hand deep into that pot of sand, carefully removed it and then poured the milky gypsum into the hollow space, not only had she revealed her first plaster cast, but had opened the door and stepped into the amazing world of mould-making and casting.
Years later, while attending the Sculpture/Installation Program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Yolanda spent endless hours in the foundry and mould-making departments. From that point on, her knowledge expanded to the many processes of art making. After graduating in 1999, she started working full-time as a professional mould maker for the renowned art foundry in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – MST Bronze Limited Art & Design Studios.
Today, Yolanda continues to shape her career by designing, creating, moulding and casting sculpture, being influenced by the many people who have crossed before her and the landscapes that surround her daily.